May 31, 2015

Magnets and Vacuum Cleaners

This morning I asked the Lord for a verse reference.

Exodus 20:15 – Thou shalt not steal (KJV).

Really? Have I stolen something lately?
I pondered.

I just took a picture of a page from a book and 
Tweeted it; but I gave credit to the author.

I haven’t taken any office supplies.

I give back extra change when I get it by mistake.

I use pictures from Bing Images in my blog posts; but I only use those that are labeled “free to share and use”.

So what was the Lord’s message?

I had no clue so I moved on with my morning, figuring it must be something I need but maybe not at this moment.

As I logged on to my computer, random thoughts of things I admire about others came to mind – others who are popular in the writing world and have many good book reviews.

I like the way he responds on Twitter

I like the way she writes

I like the format of her blog

I like the way…

Wait, that’s it!

Subconsciously, I not only appreciate the gifts of these people, I want to appropriate how they act and make it part of me. I not only learn from their methods, I want to use them so I can be popular like they are.

I am subconsciously stealing parts of them so I can have what they have.

No wonder I often find myself confused about who I am! I am not looking first to my Creator as the source, and thanking Him for creating me exactly like me. I am not boldly stepping out from the inside and going with what’s on my heart, in my own way. I measure what I’m about to do by what I think will be acceptable, or whether or not anyone else has done it and succeeded. I peek out from the curtain to see if it’s safe before stepping out.

No wonder I’m worn out before I even get started. I’m worn out just thinking about it!

Yes, we all need role models and mentors, and it’s good to learn from others. It’s also helpful to try, and then apply, practices that are proven successful. Truthfully, each of us is a product – and accumulation – of the people we’ve met, the places we’ve been, and the things we’ve experienced.

But first and foremost we need to be fully who God created us to be, and appreciate how He made us. 

We need to fill ourselves with Him alone instead of trying to take in what He never intends for us.

We are created to be magnets, not vacuum cleaners.

Interesting picture, isn’t it? Just came to me as I wrote this.

Be thankful for the awesome person you are – the one God created and loves, warts and all – and step out into a very blessed day!


  1. This is the second post I've read about this today. I wonder if God's trying to get my attention. I commented to the other one that, now that I'm in my 60s, I find it easier to stop with the comparisons and to focus on the person God created me to be. So I ask myself your question: What have I stolen?

    Ouch! As I reread this comment, I saw this phrase: focus on the person God created me to be. Hmm - am I stealing my focus from God to myself? God warns us not to focus on the creation but rather on the Creator. Busted!

  2. Thanks for being the awesome person you are - just the way God designed you! RR


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