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Welcome to my blog!

I'm Mary Graziano Scro, and Life Is Not A Formula is my ministry name. Being gifted with the blessing/curse of an overactive, analytical mind, the Lord gave me the name to remind me life is not about formulas, rules, or figuring things out. 

Life is about daily obedience to Jesus. 

John 8:32 is an awesome promise: the Truth will set us free. But you can't forget John 8:31 - when you obey Jesus, you become His disciples. Then you know the Truth that sets you free.

I've learned John 8:31-32 first-hand, through successes and failures (probably way more through failures!) Today I walk in more freedom than I believed possible...and I'm still being changed every day, from glory to glory. 

I blog to share God stories from my 20+ years of walking with Jesus, to inspire and challenge you toward a deeper walk with Him. If I can be set free by the Truth, you can too!

Most importantly, the more we invest in our own unique relationship and obedience walk with Jesus, the more visible He is to a world that desperately needs Him. Then, and only then, can the Kingdom of God can be advanced so that many will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

That is what the Christian life is about: advancing the Kingdom of God.

I hope you find time to browse through my blog posts, and subscribe if you are encouraged by what you read. I post as the Lord leads; working on posting more regularly. 

I welcome all comments - we're journeying together, and I love hearing what the Lord is doing in your life!

For the personal scoop about me, keep reading...

The "real" me...when my redhead alter-ego takes a rest :-)
My journey to sold-out faith in Jesus Christ was a somewhat long and very analytical trip. I've unlearned, learned, and re-learned many things I share through my books, blog, and teachings in the hopes that the path may be made a bit easier for others.

To back up a bit, I was raised in a wonderful family – our parents loved us dearly and we all knew that. My childhood was spent as part of a Catholic-church-going, middle-class family, living a "normal" life in the suburbs. Once I graduated from high school and moved out on my own, church attendance stopped except for the obligatory Easter and Christmas services.

Christmas 2013 - my awesome family!

During the next 15 years I married and divorced twice (with no children from either marriage), developed a successful career in computer analysis and programming, and achieved a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration by attending night school. While I enjoyed my successful career, and even my personal life was moving along after my second divorce, I just knew something was missing. Inside I felt restless and empty, so I began searching for the proverbial "meaning of life."

Through a series of amazing natural and supernatural events (details in the first book, Intentional Fitness), I began a walk with Jesus in May, 1992 – the most important event in my life!!! I quickly realized that while I received my new life by faith, I had a responsibility to invest in my relationship with God if I wanted my faith to grow. 

I've learned, many times the hard way through failure, the more I obey and choose God's way the faster and more deeply He can change me. How much He changes me is directly related to my peace, joy, and contentment in life.

More importantly, the more I'm changed the more loving I become with so much more to give to others. In fact, without being changed I have nothing of value to give; you cannot give what you don't possess. While I've come a long way, I also realize I have much yet to learn and lots of growing to do.

Me and handsome hubby, plane ride to St. Louis
Speaking of growing, in January, 2000, I experienced the second most important event of my life: I met my husband!! Don is a wonderful, Godly man who is simply the perfect mate for me. God brought us together after I gave up hope I'd ever be married – that story is also in the book. We walked through many rough times as the Lord healed past hurts and transformed our selfish ways. Through God's grace and our continued choices to persevere, we now enjoy the best marriage on the planet. No kidding!

Recently, Don and I moved in with my parents in Virginia to start a new season of life. Don retired from roofing, and I plan to look for a job as a Project Manager. And, of course, I'll continue writing whenever I can. Living with parents is sure to provide a whole lot of new material!

Stay tuned....


  1. Dearest Mary!

    I met you at the 2nd of Freda McGee's retreat in Tiger, Ga! What a blessing you were/are to me! Sorry it has taken me so long to get in touch with you! Your book is amazing and I refer to it often as I still struggle in areas and it helps to 'straighten me out'! ha! Hope you are well and having an awesome Christmas season! Hope to see you again one day!!! Much Love,
    Kim Johnson

    1. Yes, I remember you, and our walk and talk, very well, Kim - blessed me too! Thank you so much for writing me this note, I'm glad my book is a encouraging to you. The Lord uses the book for me too, to remind me of His faithfulness when I'm struggling.

      And yes, I hope our paths cross again. Merry Christmas, and have a blessed new year!


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