Sep 21, 2019

Pluck Their Eyes Out

I am reading a book by Ted Dekker called Rise of the Mystics, the second of a 2-part series. Today I pondered something I read as I looked at the peaceful beauty of God's creation.

Aug 31, 2019

Only Jesus

The past few weeks have been busy and challenging, both at work and at home. I've been battling self-pity, pride, hurt, anger, resentment. Losing at times, barely getting by at others.

Aug 24, 2019


This week I struggled to put into words all that God has done in me, and how much He's changed me. I wrote about it in yesterday's blog I Have No Words.

Aug 23, 2019

I Have No Words

Do you ever wake up dumbfounded and amazed at how much God has changed you?

Aug 17, 2019

The Turtle

Yesterday on the way to work, I saw something in the road ahead. As I got closer, I realized it was a small turtle - right in the middle of my lane. I easily drove by without hitting it.