May 1, 2015

Fitness Friday: What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Fit?

Does spiritual fitness mean you:

  • obey everything the Lord tells you to do?
  • always read the Bible and pray every day without fail?
  • never say anything negative, never complain, and never gossip?

Definitely not, because we can never be perfect! Since we know it's possible to be physically fit without exercising on a perfect schedule or eating a perfect diet, we must be able to be spiritually fit without being perfect. 

To celebrate the upcoming May 21st re-release of my book, Intentional Fitness: Working Out Your Salvation, I invite you to participate in a blog hop where we explore what it means to be spiritually fit, and share how we each maintain our own spiritual fitness. Intentional Fitness teaches spiritual fitness principles using physical fitness principles and analogies. For more information about my book, click here.

Please note that in order to participate in this blog hop:
-  you must have a blog**
-  you must be willing to share your thoughts on your own blog sometime between May 21st and May 28th, 2015
-  you must be willing to include a blurb about Intentional Fitness and my bio at the end of your post.
-  you must fill out this form by May 14th so we can officially keep track of who is participating

**If you don't have a blog but would still like to participate, I invite you to comment below or on my Life Is Not A Formula Facebook page. Share a sentence, a paragraph, or a page about what it means to be spiritually fit, and how you maintain your own spiritual fitness. I'll compile your comments and post some of them on my blog during the release week. 

Bloggers, if you complete the form to participate in the blog hop, you will receive a free electronic Advanced Reader Copy (PDF) of Intentional Fitness along with relevant information to be included in your post. You will also be featured on my official blog hop list. Be sure to complete this form by May 14th. 

I hope you accept my invitation to share your thoughts. I'm looking forward to reading them, and to seeing what the Lord does with our online conversations!

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