Aug 31, 2020

Monday Motivation: Focus on Eternity

For the past several weeks the Lord has been shifting my focus from things on this earth to things that last for eternity. I didn't realize how much time I spent thinking, doing, and talking about things with no eternal value!

Easy to do in today's culture with so much turmoil going on - Covid, riots, and an upcoming election that has people polarized like I've never seen before! So much anger, hate, and judgment toward anyone who doesn't agree with you. 

I found myself getting caught up in it to the point of tears that so many people - Christians included, sometimes me too - are posting hateful things. I felt anger rising, I had to step away. I'd been giving way too much time to pursuing politics, knowledge, and what happened in the cities, and my heart was changing. I was losing my peace!

But God.

Through these timely messages, God reminded me that eternal life is what matters. 

  • I re-read two books God brought to mind: Driven by Eternity by John Bevere, and Final Quest by Rick Joyner. Both brought a welcome conviction to me about where I focused - in the here and now - and compelled me to look at the motives of my heart.
  • A friend shared a thought God brought to her during her worship time: look around. All you see is meaningless - it's all meaningless (meaning, all on this earth). 
  • Devotional entries this month referenced the promises of God, and more caution to check our motives.
  • Another friend reminded me that this earth is not our home; don't try to be comfortable here.
God also re-lit a passion in my heart to pray. He increased pressure to help me shut my mouth (well, most of the time...still needs work) so I don't fuel the mess. He is guiding me to let go of my need-to-know, and inspiring me to bring His light with my words and social media posts.

God so loved the world. ALL the world, not just those we agree with or those who are behaving correctly. ALL includes the rioters, the haters, and the murderers. ALL includes the media. ALL includes politicians. ALL people need truth and eternal security that only God can provide. They don't need our agreement, acceptance, tolerance, or more hate/anger/judgment. 

If we focus on things of this world, we'll fall prey to getting sucked in to the crisis-du-jour and forget what's important. Changing focus takes effort and time, but it's the only way we'll be at peace...and make a difference for the Kingdom.

For God so loved the world 
that he gave his one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish 
but have eternal life. 
(John 3:16)

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