Jan 25, 2016

Faith and Human-ness, Part 1

Yesterday I slid into a telephone pole and a mailbox. Thankfully the cross-street was clear when I slid across it, and thankfully I was only going 5 mph or so. My nephew was with me, and he helped pull the fender out, fix the headlight (temporarily), and duct tape the left side mirror.

Jan 23, 2016

A List-less Life

An open, unplanned day is like a blank slate – where do I start drawing? I look around my house at all I have to do and my messy desk with all the paperwork. It’s overwhelming to know what to do first when everything seems so important.

Jan 15, 2016

Some Time Later

I love it how a story I’ve read in the Bible many times speaks to me in a way I need it right now. Yesterday morning it was the story of Joseph’s journey through prison in Genesis 39 – 41 (verses are from New Living Translation).