Jan 27, 2015

I Love You, Jesus

For the past few weeks, I’ve been participating on a prayer conference call held by Jennifer LeClaire. Yesterday morning, the prayer focus was rejoicing in God.

Jan 12, 2015

Fitness Friday: Do You Love Him Well?

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit of distance with Don. It’s nothing serious, just that type of “blah” feeling where you co-exist but don’t really connect.

He feels it too.

Jan 8, 2015

Homosexuality: Living by Feelings or Following Jesus?

Lately, social media, blogs, and the news have been full of articles authored by Christians that support living a homosexual lifestyle. They believe God created some people with a propensity toward others of the same sex, and that God would not expect them to live without fulfilling their deep-felt need for human love. Some go on to clarify that their sexuality is actually part of their God-given identity.