Apr 23, 2014

I Won't

“I won’t give up my coffee.”

“I won’t give up my bedtime snack.”

“I won’t ______________.”

Apr 20, 2014

Perfect For Each Other

He saw her standing there, perfectly posed in the knee-deep meadow. Her luscious, rosy red, perfectly formed lips beckoned him. Her honey-colored, long hair framed her perfectly-shaped face and beautiful blue eyes.

Apr 18, 2014

Celebrating Pain

Yes, you read the title correctly: celebrating pain.

Today I'm pondering Good Friday, and about what it cost Jesus to provide eternal life for us. I know He suffered beyond what words can describe - an immense pain we can't even begin to understand. 

Apr 3, 2014


As I used the Glad Wrap yesterday morning to cover my smoothie cup, I pondered about something Don did for me a few months ago.