Jun 30, 2013

Get in the Water

I stood timidly near the pool, watching the action from a safe distance. Body to body, people of all sizes jumped, splashed, yelled, and laughed.  The moving water formed peaks and valleys, continuously reforming around the spontaneous movement of the people. 
I looked over to the shallow end.  Same body-bumping play, just smaller people.

I wanted to join in the fun, really I did! I even stuck my toe in once, but it barely made a ripple. 

Jun 24, 2013

That One Little Thing

Last week at a prayer time with John and Missy, we talked about struggling in our walk with the Lord, struggling with people, struggling with work—you name it, we struggled with it.

As we talked, I diligently worked on untangling a lump of necklace. I kept breaking off the end of what appeared to be a hair. I didn’t think that one little thing was much of a problem, though, so I kept taking parts of the necklace over and under, under and over, over and back under. My frustration was on the rise, and my blood pressure along with it.

Jun 17, 2013

Eating My Own Words

I always enjoy eating my own words.  

OK, well, maybe not always, but I enjoyed them this past week.
During a weekly prayer time with two coworkers, one of them confessed a struggle with finding motivation to read his bible and pray.  A few months ago he attended a men’s conference, and, as often happens with many conferences, he came home excited and highly motivated to read his bible and pray more often. 
Then, as he put it, life happened.

Jun 3, 2013

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

This past weekend, Don and I shopped for a truck for him.  We searched for used trucks with lower mileage so we could get something nicer and higher-end for less – we had an “under 20” budget.  We quickly realized we were looking for a he-man luxury truck at a juvenile bare-bones price.  So we had two choices:  up the price, or lower our qualifications.

Jun 2, 2013

They Didn't Know

This morning after church, my husband and I ventured out to a local paved greenway trail for a bike ride.  The sun was hot, sky blue, breeze cool, trail in excellent condition, symphony of natural sounds all around, and only a few folks out and about.  We were enjoying everything about the ride!

Until I spotted it – an empty Dunkin Donuts cup on the side of the trail.