Oct 20, 2014

MultiColor Monday: Ginger Harrington

This week, the series continues another member from my Word Weavers critique group (click here for more info on my group), Ginger Harrington.

About MultiColor Monday: As most of you know, all writers need regular inspiration. On the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, I’ll share information about people who inspire me by their writing and their lives. The series is called Multi-Color Monday to reflect the beauty and diversity of God’s children. My hope is that you, too, will be blessed and inspired by those you meet here.

About Ginger:

Ginger is a gifted writer, speaker, teacher, and blogger. From her blog’s “meet Ginger” summary:

“As a communicator, I enjoy speaking to women. As a singer and worshipper, leading worship is pure joy.  I love showing women how to get fully engaged in reading God’s word and worship.

Long ago I gave up the dream of having it all together, and yet, I have learned that God can use every part of us – even the parts that do goofy things.  Humor can help us get to the heart of the issues that can be hard to talk about – our own shortcomings, challenges and frustrations.

Come along with me as I explore this process where the spiritual and the practical intersect in daily life. You will find a variety of posts including devotions, Biblical wisdom, how-to’s on spiritual growth, real-girl mistakes, and sharing life as it is–all with the focus of applying spiritual truth in the nitty-gritty of our day.”
Check out her website at Ginger’s Corner, where you’ll find her blog and other information about her ministry.

How Ginger inspires me:

Reading Ginger’s reflective and thoughtful writing calms my spirit and brings peace to my soul. She shares practical truth from God’s Word from her heart, and makes that truth easy to ingest. Ginger isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, and her honesty encourages the reader that’s it’s OK if we don’t have it all together. Plus, she takes absolutely and fabulously beautiful pictures and includes them in her blog. I’ve been inspired to take more of my own.

Prayer for Ginger:

Lord, bless Ginger with more of your deeply rooted peace – the peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for the depth of character you’ve grown in her through trials, hard times, and just life! Bless her creativity, her wisdom, her time, and her family. Give her increased passion to pursue whatever You have for her…and the strength and grace to release what is not hers to carry or pursue.

My “favorite” Ginger post:

Soul Confidence: You Are Enough. This post is about confidence in Christ, and how we have HIS confidence inside us. From the post: “You don’t have to hide or hold back any longer, open the gift you’ve already got. In Christ you have the gift of enough, today and everyday.”  God has been speaking this message to me through many sources lately, and this post clarified His heart to me even more. In fact, the whole Soul series is filled with wisdom.

If you need inspiration today, check out Ginger’s writing at http://GingerHarrington.com/.

Also, take a few moments to thank someone who inspires you. You’ll both be blessed!

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