Sep 1, 2014

MultiColor Monday: Tina Hunt

As most of you know, all writers need regular inspiration. On the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, I’ll honor and celebrate people who inspire me with their talents and their lives. The series is called Multi-Color Monday to reflect the beauty and diversity of God’s children. My hope is that you, too, will be blessed and inspired by those you meet here.

The series begins with my friends in my Word Weavers critique group. I met them over a year ago at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference in Asheville, NC. We participated in an awesome class, led by Eva Marie Everson, where we learned how to constructively critique our own and others’ writing. Our online group, and friendship, was birthed from that class and is still going strong today. Although we’re a fairly diverse group, we bonded over a common goal to honor the Lord with our writing gifts.

First up, Tina Hunt.

About Tina:  

Tina is a gifted author, speaker, blogger, and now a grant writer, too. From her blog’s “about me” summary:

“I worked in my field of training, pastor/counselor, for over 20 years. But this isn’t just the second half (of my life), it’s also the second chance.  I’m sort of living out my “do over” and seeking more diligently to do the things I know and live the things I believe, while staying open to growth and all of life’s new possibilities. It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly never boring.”

Check out her blog at “Pot of Manna”.

How Tina inspires me:

Over the past several months, I’ve followed Tina’s journey on Facebook as she walked through life events: job searches and changes, writing successes, personal struggles, and family situations. Tina shared progress, needs, happenings, and triumphs in an honest and yet positive way. Her upbeat attitude and perseverance no matter what happened inspired me to remain positive in the midst of my own changes and frustrations.

Prayer for Tina:

May the Lord bless your writing, and may you reap a bountiful harvest from all you sowed into the lives of others. I pray He fills you to overflowing with love and goodness, and gives you favor wherever His path takes you. Most of all, I pray God gives you inspiration to keep writing and sharing. Whether you know it or not, others are reading!

My “favorite” Tina post:

“Looking Out My Window” It’s about choosing to praise God no matter what, and mentions Psalm 13…one of my all-time favorites. 

If you need inspiration today, check out Tina's writing. 

Also, take a few moments to thank someone who inspires you. You’ll both be blessed!


  1. I pray for God's blessing on Tina's writing, and your's as well. Blessings:)

    1. Thank you, Ginger! Blessings and prayers coming your way too.


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