Oct 27, 2014

Self-Care Part 1: Defining the Problem

Do you have trouble remembering to take vitamins or other supplements?

Do you struggle finding time to eat right and exercise?

If your answer is like mine, a resounding YES, here’s the big question: WHY?

This is the first blog in a five-part series on self-care. As I listened for the Lord’s voice during my quiet time, I pondered these questions.

Why is it so difficult to take a few supplements every day? It takes about 15 minutes a week to portion them out into the little pill containers (you know, the daily reminder containers because we can’t remember whether or not we took them), and less than a minute to take them every day.

Yet I forget.

Why don’t I eat better? I go to the grocery store every week to get food for the week. I choose healthy vegetables, fruits, and other foods. I make a plan for what I’ll eat for meals and snacks. Excitedly, I put away the groceries and look forward to preparing and eating what I bought.

Yet when it’s time to eat, I often grab the nearest, quickest thing to eat.

Why am I not exercising? We joined a gym/aquatic center that is 10 minutes from home, and I started swimming for exercise. In the beginning, I went 2-3 times a week, and felt so good each time I went. I made a plan to go mid-afternoon when the gym is quiet, and worked that into my schedule. I’m on my own time now – working at home – so I have plenty of time to go.

Yet I don’t go…there’s always something else that needs to be done.

OK, this is not rocket science. All these things are simple to do and require little time. I have the time. I know the benefits: I feel better, have more energy, sleep more soundly, and lose weight.

I even wrote a book about being intentional with spiritual fitness, and made comparisons to what it takes to be physically fit – same intentional principles.

I know what to do, I just don’t do it. Instead, I have a million excuses.

So back to the main question: WHY?  

Why are these simple acts of self-care so difficult?

Why am I not motivated to change?

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Wednesday: Receiving the Answer.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: If you struggle with taking care of yourself, seek the Lord on why it's so difficult. If you've found success, please share what motivates you.


  1. Mary, I need a specific goal to motivate me to stick with my exercise plan. I will run regularly if I'm preparing for a 5K race or for YMCA soccer. Without a deadline and a target to aim for, I end up being spotty in my routine.

    1. I can relate - I've always been that way with work, didn't think about applying that to exercise. I am better with a deadline, always. I'll have to "ponder" on something I can use for a goal with my swimming :-). Thank you for commenting, David!

  2. I'm catching up on this great series. Boy, do I need it! I've recently lost several pounds and now I'm starting to slip.
    "I'm doing great - I'll reward myself with this bad-for-me treat." That might be true occasionally but not every day.
    "I can miss today's exercise session. I've been doing so well." Why does that easily slip into several days in a row?
    Sounds like I need to take your suggestion and ask myself WHY?

    1. We get so easily side-tracked and discouraged, don't we? I don't understand it either, she said after missing swimming all days but one :-). Things seem to creep into that time.
      But we can't give up, Sherry - let's start today!!!
      Thank you for your comment!


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