Oct 10, 2014

Lesson from an Art Museum: Eye of the Beholder

I joined my writer’s group for a stroll through our local Art Museum. Our assignment? Find something that inspires you, and write about it. 

As I wandered from exhibit to exhibit, my soul and spirit absorbed the eclectic mix of art. I felt a myriad of emotions…

  • Peace
  • Chills
  • Awe
  • Amazement
  • Wonder
  • Delight

I marveled at the thousands of tedious hours some of the pieces, like this one (my personal favorite) must have taken to create. How did the artist keep the final vision as they worked, piece by piece? Did they know what it would look like at the end? Or was creating the art a journey that led them to its own final destination?

Others, like this one, could have been created by a child in just a few hours. How did a plain blue panel end up in an art museum? What makes it valuable?

I pondered these questions about that piece and many others as I finished up my tour. Here’s what the Lord showed me.

The beauty of each piece of art is in the eye of the beholder. We have different opinions based on our…

  • Background
  • Personality 
  • Experience
  • Taste

…that combine in a unique way to determine what we find beautiful and inspiring. Opinions are often transient – what we like today may change tomorrow as we change. Beauty is relative.

Beauty is determined by the beholder, but value is determined by the artist.

Someone whose talent has been recognized by those in authority or those more experienced have their work accepted and valued. The value of each individual piece is based first on the creator, not on the artwork itself.

How much more valuable are we, crafted by the Creator of the universe in His own image! 

When we are His, we are:

  • Accepted (John 1:12; 1 Corinthians 6:17-20; Ephesians 1:3-8)
  • Loved (John 3:16; Romans 8:31-39)
  • Secure (2 Corinthians 1:21-22; 1 John 5:18)
  • Significant (John 15:5,16; Ephesians 2:10, 3:12)

We are valuable beyond measure – not because of how we look, what we think, or how we act, but because of Who created us. 

And, in the Eye of our Creator-Beholder,
we're all beautiful!

Lord, thank you for making me, "me". 

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Resolve to appreciate the uniqueness, value, and beauty in yourself, and in others.

Please share how God spoke to you through this post.

If you don’t know Jesus, see The Most Important Choice tab on my blog. 

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