Jan 1, 2017

Resurrecting Passion, One Day at a Time

Ever since I wrote the blog, “A Listless Life”, the Lord has been trying to teach me, an analytical over-thinker, to live one day at a time. Acts 8:26-40, the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian, is a great example of step by step obedience, and one of my favorite Bible stories.

Like Phillip, God wants me to follow His lead throughout the day; not plan, calculate, figure out, or even set goals.

But, like many people, I have a vision of what I want to do with my life. I am passionate about what the Lord has done in my life and want to share with everyone. I can actually see myself on a stage speaking to lots of people, and it excites me. I also have a bazillion books in my head. OK, maybe only a million.

So how do I “get there”?

We watched Dolly Parton’s Christmas movie last night. When she was a little girl, all she wanted to do was sing and be a star. It was her passion. She didn’t set a plan to get there, she simply lived it out each day wherever she was, best she could. She prayed and asked God to help her.

And she never gave up.

I think that’s what happened to me. Somewhere along the way, I gave up. I allowed the cares of this world, the shoulds and should nots, and pure laziness steal my passion. I allowed myself to be so overwhelmed with all my ideas and how to get them done that I didn’t actually do anything…or seek God about them. Instead, I played games and watched TV and browsed social media, wasting precious days. 

It’s not that we should never relax or enjoy games and other entertainment; we all need soul refreshing time.

But when that down time exceeds the dreaming and doing time, passions die a slow and apathetic death.

Praise God, passions can be resurrected, one day at a time!

Today, I asked God to resurrect and re-ignite my passion. I can already feel the excitement building in my Spirit, the ideas are flowing, book titles on the horizon, old ministry ideas re-surfacing, website designs to be done, business cards to mak….whoa, Nelly!

Slow down, brain!

Lord, show me what is on the plate for t.o.d.a.y.

I’m looking forward to a much simpler 2017 as I trade in my striving and planning for a peaceful, adventurous, moment-by-moment walk with Jesus, trusting Him to get me where I need to be next week, next month, next year. God needs to guide everything, including my planning by showing me what plans to make today.

By God’s grace, I will learn to choose more wisely each day, thankful for Him and for all He is and for His abundant blessings.

By God’s grace, I will leave a legacy that honor Him as He continues to resurrect His passion in me and gives me my dreams in ways I could not ever think or imagine.

One day at a time.

Will you join me? What passions do you need God to resurrect in you?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NIV)


  1. Mary, you have hit a home run with this one! One of my favorite religious songs is "One Day at a Time" by Cristy Lane. I just listened to it two hours ago. For me, it sets the perspective for the day. However, I need reinforcement throughout the day that each moment is precious and not lose sight that each day is a gift from God. Reading this particular blog every day like I listen to the song will help keep me on the right track. Like the song says..."yesterday is gone, sweet Jesus, and tomorrow may never be mine..." And like you say in your blog, I also should ask God to "...resurrect and re-ignite my passion..." every day. Love, Dad

    1. Thanks, Daddio, for your encouragement! I can picture you saying these words to me - I knew after the first line that you wrote this and not Mom :-).
      I haven't heard that song, will need to look it up. Thanks also for the reminder that asking is not a one-time thing.
      Love you!


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