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Aug 31, 2017

The Lord Knows

My husband Don is a roofer by trade. He no longer works full time in roofing, but sometimes does small repairs for people he knows.

To do this, Don needs a ladder. The only one we have is long and very heavy, not really useable for the work he'll be doing. So he went out to buy one a few weeks ago. The price was $156, not too bad, and he knew he had a job coming up soon so he couldn't wait too long to get the ladder.

But he didn't feel right about it - didn't have peace - so he didn't buy it.

Today Don went to Lowe's to look at shingles for a repair he is doing this Saturday. While he was there, he thought he might as well buy the ladder.

Price? $99...the ladder was on sale!

The Lord knew the ladder would be on sale. He gave Don the hesitation weeks ago by the nudge of the Holy Spirit. Even though Don didn't put all the pieces together then, he immediately recognized the Lord's hand when he saw the ladder price. Don is greatly encouraged that (1) the Lord was guiding him, and (2) he waited!

When you feel hesitant about a decision, like it's not quite right, WAIT. You may not know why; you don't have to, the Lord knows!

The Lord is my shepherd, I have all that I need.
(Psalm 23:1, NLT)


  1. Wow! This a good lesson for all of us. We need to recognize God's hand in our every day life more often. Thank you!

    Love you

  2. Ah, the still, small voice. It's always on time. :)


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