Aug 10, 2017

Daily Reset

This morning as I made my bed, my mind engaged in it's usual pondering.

I pondered how the bed needs a daily "reset" to straighten out the covers that somehow, every night, get skewed and pulled up / over / everywhere except where they are supposed to be. And how nice it is when we get into bed that night to have everything start out in order.

I pondered how it is when we don't make the bed for days in a row. I wake up during the night with either no covers, or twisted up in the covers. Sometimes we have cover wars because the top sheet and blanked are so far off - we wake each other up pulling covers back and forth. 

Takes less than 5 minutes for a daily reset of the bed covers; sleep is disrupted and aggravation results when we don't take that time.

Where am I going with this?

We all need a daily reset with the Lord to
  • remind ourselves of truth: Who God is, and who we are in Him.
  • forgive offenses that happen from the day before.
  • fix our eyes on things above and not on earthly things.
  • get the proper perspective about the cares of this world vs. seeking first the Kingdom of God.
Most importantly, each day God has a personal message of love and truth to share with us. He alone can calm the storms in our lives and give us His peace that passes all understanding, no matter what we are facing.

When I find myself aggravated, impatient, or all tangled up in my mind, it's often because I missed that daily reset. The more days I have in a row without a reset, the longer it takes for me to regain my peace and perspective...and to process all the junk that I've taken in from the world and from my own sinful behavior.

Have you lost your peace? Need new perspective? Stop right now and take the time to reset yourself in the Lord's presence. Read something in the Bible, listen to worship music, or simply talk to the Lord - take your cares and worries to Him in prayer. Receive what He has for you today, and be thankful.

Give us this day our daily bread.
(Matthew 6:11, NKJV)


  1. Excellent. Inspiration comes at the most unusual times, doesn't it? We just have to be aware and listen to the still, small voice. Thanks for passing on the message.

    Love you

    1. Thank you, Mom, for your encouragement. you're the best!

  2. Welcome back Mary! Nice piece here. Good advice. :)

    1. Thank you, Rose! We're long overdue for lunch.....hope you're doing well.


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