Dec 23, 2014

What If I Mess This Up?

On the way home from shopping, I heard a conversation on the radio about how Mary must have felt the first time she held Jesus in her arms. 

I pondered.

Did she think, “Wow, this is GOD!”

Or, “He’s so beautiful!”

Or maybe, “This is such a huge responsibility…what if I mess this up?

Probably all of the above.

God entrusted Jesus – Himself – to a human being, someone just like us, to feed, nurture, and raise Him. I’m sure Mary often had moments of doubt, fear, and overwhelming wonder at the responsibility of being Jesus’ mother.

What were her expectations?

Did she expect to do everything right? 

Did she expect to know what Jesus needed when He cried? 

Did she expect Him to play like any other little boy?

Did she expect her other children to be different?

Did she expect He would be sinless?

I can’t even imagine holding God’s son – God Himself – in my arms as a tiny human baby, and being His mother

We know the end of the story, but she didn’t. She had to walk out her role day by day, step by step, trusting God in the midst of all her human emotions, not knowing the outcome.

God gave me the best Christmas gift today: perspective.

Next time I’m tempted to say to God, “What if I mess this up?” about anything He asks me to do, I’ll remember Mary.

Then, trusting God, I'll take the next step.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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