Dec 15, 2014

MultiColor Monday: Inspirational Moments

We all receive them.

We all need them.

We all should be intentional about giving them.

As the final MultiColor Monday post of this year, I am celebrating small but powerful inspirational moments from the past year. 

1. When I struggled with insecurity, someone posted a short message on my Facebook wall about missing me at work – that I made a difference when I worked with them.
2. When I wasn’t sure if I should have taken time to write a blog one morning (which made me late for work), I received a comment that what I wrote was exactly what someone needed to hear that day.
3. When I doubted my ability as a writer (which happens often), someone told me I should be an author because my first book really blessed them.

4. Friends sent encouraging cards, texted, or called to chat, right when I needed it.
5. One morning, all the monthly submissions from my critique group provided clarity to confusion and answered questions, one way or another.
6. As God taught me lessons, He helped me turn them into blog posts to bless others.
7. When I thought no one read my blog, I found out that someone I know reads every one and looks forward to them every week.
8. When I woke up wondering what I should be doing - what was my purpose - I looked over and read this banner I put next to my bed months earlier. Isn't this really everyone's purpose?

9. When I sit down to write and don’t know what to say, God shows up and guides my hands…and my heart.
10. Inspirational posts on Facebook often appeared on my wall exactly when I needed them. Sometimes I shared them, and the chain of inspiration continued. 
These are just a few of many moments – I could go on and on if I read back through my journals. I also remember many moments when the Lord used me to inspire others, often when I was least aware.

As I ponder these moments and others, I realize:
-  I need to be more intentional about giving inspirational moments to others
-  It doesn’t take much to be a blessing – little things mean a whole lot
-  Jesus knows what I need, and sometimes provides it in the most unexpected and delightful ways
-  I am so grateful - more than I can say - for every person who took a moment to inspire and encourage me
Most of all, I realize my life is forever intertwined with everyone I’ve ever met. At any given moment, the Lord can bring me to someone’s mind, or bring someone to my mind, exactly when needed...even if it's been years since our paths have crossed.

Inspirational moments reveal God’s amazing love and intimate care for His people. 

All we need to do is respond when He nudges, and we have the privilege of being a blessing and inspiration to someone in need. It's that simple.

Thank you, Jesus, for inspirational moments!

Reflect back on your year and inspirational moments you’ve received and given. Thank someone for how a small gesture from them blessed you.

Resolve to be more intentional about listening to the Lord’s prompts to send notes, make calls, and give inspirational moments to others.


  1. You always touch my heart, Mary. I ignore His prompts or I think I'll do it in a few minutes. Thank you for challenging me to be more intentional.

    1. Thank you, Sherry! I know what you mean about ignoring them, too. We can't do anything about what we missed, but yes, we can be more intentional about the next time. And the next.


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