Sep 12, 2014

Judge Not, Part 2: Measuring

Continuing on from my last post Judge Not, Part 1, let’s move on to measuring.

Matthew 7:2b (NIV)  “…with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

My biggest question: by whom? Who is doing the measuring? We know the “what” – judgment. But the “who” is conspicuously absent.

I pondered, and prayed, and pondered a bit more. What I discovered:

1. Reaping and sowing principle. What I sow, I will reap. If I sow a whole lot of judgment, I’ll reap a whole lot of judgment in return. Could be from anyone, including God. (Sobering thought…yes, I’ve judged God for what I think He should or should not have done. Thankful for His mercy!)

2. Whether or not (1) is happening, I perceive judgment, expect judgment, and feel judged. Part of that is because I judge others, part is because of brokenness in me.

3. Based on (1) and (2), the “who” doesn’t matter.

But my problem of judging others is real, especially judging by appearances. Do I judge because I feel judged? Or do I feel judged because I judge?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

You know what, it doesn’t matter. To judge another person is a sin, and ranks #2 in barriers to loving them…second only to unforgiveness. I cannot be loving and kind to people I meet if I’m sizing them up, consciously or unconsciously, and whether or not they know I’m doing it.

It’s a heart issue. It’s a sin issue. Jesus is the only answer for both. He heals our hearts, and He died for our sins. I believe that as I continue to repent, confess, and choose to love, He will reveal the root in my heart, and heal it.

Sometimes I think we just need to be so sick of our sin that we’ll do anything to be free. With this one, I’m there. I’m tired of hurting people with my looks and words…or lack of words. I have a message and a calling.

This sin is in the way.

Lord, I give you permission to do whatever it takes to free me from this ugly sin. I’m willing.

I know He will. I’ll keep you posted on my journey to freedom.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Do you struggle with this or another sin area? Are you willing to pray “whatever it takes”?


  1. "Whatever it takes." Honestly, I don't want to pray that. I want Him to teach me and grow me and heal my struggle with sin through easy, happy circumstances. But there's a selfishness about that - a sin of its own not easily broken. It's hard to surrender to the point that my heart craves only Him. That's a "whatever it takes" truth. Thank you for the challenge, Mary.

    1. Good insight, Sherry, that our brokenness can be in the way of God dealing with our brokenness. Yes, absolute surrender is absolutely necessary if we want more of Him. Thank you for sharing!


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