Sep 29, 2014

Are You Pouring Out?

Over the past few weeks, the Lord has been setting me free from…stagnation.

Yes, my soul was starting to stink like a backed up sewer. I was sharp, impatient, and quick to anger. I wanted to just be left alone, all to myself, so I could have “alone time with God.”

Problem is, I don’t live on an island. And I did have alone time. My prayer life increased, I was back in the Word, and I listened to worship music every day. 

Then I’d leave the sanctuary of my quiet place and bristle at every interaction with another person.

I began to ponder. If I am so full of the Lord, why do I act so unloving and mean?

The Lord’s response was a picture of me, hunched over, closed and holding in. Unwelcoming. Protective. Looking down. Tense and cautious, I carefully chose every word that came out of my mouth, especially with people who didn’t share my passionate faith.

But I didn't live like I had a passionate faith, so my faith became stagnant inside me.

The Lord was pouring into me, but I blocked Him from pouring through me by always trying to make sure I said the “right” words. I feared what others might think. Was I too bold? Was I too self-centered? Did they understand what I meant?

I tried to “put on” the outside what should be “flowing out” from the inside. I shackled myself with reasoning and analysis to the point of becoming stagnant and dry.

Not from a lack of filling, but from a lack of freely pouring out what Jesus poured in.

But God.

Then He showed me another picture of myself, head up, shoulders back, smiling and energized. Words freely flowed as they came to mind. Undaunted by the other person’s response, I walked forward boldly and carefree, ready for whatever may come my way.

The difference? When I spontaneously pour out from my heart, trusting in the Jesus inside me, I set His words free to go where He sends them. I am free to focus on the people in front of me, talking to them and listening to them, fully interacting without fear. Sometimes I get no reaction, sometimes favorable responses. Doesn’t matter which one – I walk with Jesus, secure and safe in His love.

Lord, I’m sorry I lived more like I was ashamed of you than thankful for all you’ve done for me. Please forgive me.

Jesus is so amazing!! I want everyone to know about His goodness, His love, and His power…and how He’s transformed my life and my heart.

How will anyone know unless I tell them? They won’t.

Today I stand tall, shoulders back, head up, loving Jesus and not ashamed to say so.

What about you?

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Where is your faith stagnant? What have you been guarding that Jesus wants you to release? Trust Him!

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