Apr 3, 2014


As I used the Glad Wrap yesterday morning to cover my smoothie cup, I pondered about something Don did for me a few months ago.

We had a busy schedule, and both of us had been quite testy during the week. Short conversations, lack of patience, sharp words…can you relate? I don’t remember exactly what happened, but Don ended up going out…just “going out”.

His journey landed him at BJ’s, where he purchased some things for himself, a few food items, and an item especially for me: the Glad Wrap I used this morning. He remembered we had run out, so he thought he’d get some…for me.

Don remembered….which is not always the case for kitchen items.

And then he did something about it.

What he didn’t know is that I planned to buy a different brand because I didn’t like the way Glad Wrap stuck to some of my bowls. So actually, my first thought when he walked in the door with his purchase was, “I didn’t want that type, I wanted something else.”  Whine, whine, whine.

But God.

Years ago, that would have been my snappy response, and the fight would have continued on. But God has changed my heart so much that my first thought was immediately replaced with, “wow, he did something nice for me even though he was mad!” My heart felt overwhelmed with appreciation.

A dozen roses would not have meant more to me at that moment.

The ice was broken. 

The atmosphere warmed up with one small gesture of kindness that was received as it was intended.

That is appreciation: when we recognize the intent behind someone’s gift or gesture and receive it with a thankful heart.

I’m so Glad I did that day!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Do you appreciate the kindness of others?  Do you tell them?


  1. Oh, my, Susan. You hit me right between the eyes. I'm not as appreciative as I should be. I open my mouth before I think. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. yep, open mouth, insert foot. it's nice to have a few times where I think first :-). Thank you for your comment, Tina!


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