Mar 25, 2014

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

There it was.

Standing proudly and swaying in the breeze.

I noticed it right away. The sharp contrast of the dark green against the bright tan drew my eyes right to it. The lone plant brought life and color to the dead and dry look of the wintering Bermuda grass.

It was a weed. Unwanted, out of place, a blemish on the otherwise perfect lawn. And yet by appearances, the weed looked alive, fresh, and new compared to the dry, crispy sea of grass surrounding it.

How often are we in a winter season, with no visible fruit in our lives, when a weed springs up? You know, the opportunity we otherwise wouldn’t consider, but at least it’s something to do. We breathe life into it, nurture it, pursue it. Then when our winter is over, we realize we’ve been going in the wrong direction. We need to uproot what has now grown beyond what was ever intended.

Appearances can be deceiving. Just because something looks good doesn’t mean it is.

Or, conversely, we’re in a wonderful but quiet season of blessing and fruitfulness. Then we make a mistake. Maybe it’s a very visible mistake...maybe not. We focus on it, magnify it, and give it our full attention. We forget that it’s only one blemish in the middle of a sea of quiet, Godly living and righteousness.

Or, maybe it’s just that we don’t get a 100% “approval rating” with all that we do.

At work, 95% of my coworkers can tell me I did a great job. One will be difficult to work with. Where do I focus? You got it – on the one, trying to win their approval.

When I speak, 95% of the audience can nod in approval and be smiling. One or two will be frowning, arms crossed. Where do I focus? Yep, on the few who are not responsive.

Appearances can be deceiving. One mistake or one person who doesn’t like us is never a measure of who we are.

If we are going to focus on one thing, it should always be Jesus, who loves and accepts us perfectly. 

Not anything about ourselves, good or bad. Or the opinions of others. Only Him, and what He thinks...about everything.

Yes, I got all of this from looking at one weed that sprung up in an otherwise "perfect" lawn. My analytical mind is always thinking…always pondering.

I’m so thankful God breathes life into this mind, and teaches me lessons that I can share with others.

I know He got my attention!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: What are you zooming in on in your life that needs God’s perspective? Are you feeding something that was never intended to live?


  1. What a great lesson, Mary. Just because something looks good doesn't mean it is. One mistake or one person who doesn't like us is never a measure of who we are. It's easy to forget that Jesus is our biggest fan. Thanks for the good word as always.

    1. I often need a refresher on this lesson - I'm thankful that the Lord continues to remind me in many different ways. Thank you for your encouragement, David!

  2. I agree w/ David, it is a great I continue to need over & over again. How can it be so easy to lose our eternal perspective of who we are in Christ & our value to Jesus? Thank you for the reminder of where to direct my focus as well as a nudge to evaluate where I'm spending my energy, what I'm feeding. ;) Robin

    1. Me too, too! Sigh. Hopefully we'll both be good for a while before we need another reminder :-). Thank you for your comment!

  3. Thank you,so much,dear Mary.That was so healing in my troubled times.I was so tired of struggling,almost give up of everything. Now,you helped me so much-maybe my Friends are tired to helping me,but Lord is not.I relying only on Him.Thanks once more time,dear sister.

    1. Thank you, Nevenka, for your comment - I'm glad you were encouraged!!

  4. What a wonderful post, Mary. I turn away from all the positive and become obsessed with the negative. I need to remember that God's love is unconditional - He is always on my side!

    1. Yes He is, Sherry! Thank you for your comment and encouragement!


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