Apr 23, 2014

I Won't

“I won’t give up my coffee.”

“I won’t give up my bedtime snack.”

“I won’t ______________.”

These responses are often heard when someone is instructed to give up certain things so they can become more healthy. Sometimes it’s a doctor, sometimes a friend who has achieved success. Either way, the person digs in their heels and makes a choice: “I won’t.” I can almost see the folded arms and stomping foot. They want their way; they will not budge.

I’ve often been like that toward God, only my version has been, “I can’t.”  Instead of saying, “I won’t,” I’ve said “I can’t.”

“I can’t pray/exercise/eat right every day, I don’t have time.”

“I can’t follow a schedule, I’m too unstructured.”

“I can’t serve in that ministry, I don’t know how.”

It’s easy to say “I can’t” because I can remain a victim to something or someone else. But what I’ve really said is…

“I won’t take something else out of my day to make time to pray.”

“I won’t discipline myself.”

“I won’t take courage and step out in faith, trusting God will provide.”

Saying “I won’t” is rebellion, pure and simple. Unless I see that, take ownership of my choices, and repent, I will remain a helpless victim and see little or no change in my life. God wants to give me His best, and by refusing to obey I’m saying, “Not interested, don’t trust you, I want my way.”

Hmmmm, isn’t that where everything started back in the garden?

When we hold on to something we need to release, we are unable to hold what God wants to give us because our hands are already full. And we’re not losing anything worth keeping – we’re exchanging something we don’t need for something that will ultimately bless us and others.

Whether we say, “I won’t” or “I can’t”, the result – and the sin – is the same.

We need to repent and let go of the old – our way – to make room for the new – His way.

And really, is anything we can hold worth the cost of missing God?

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: What are you stubbornly holding on to that you need to exchange?


  1. I used to wear my stubbornness like a badge of honor. Then, one morning reading my Bible, I came across a verse in Isaiah that said stubbornness was iniquity and idolatry. Ouch!! Since then I've tried to recognize my stubbornness and go to God with that issue.

    1. I know what you mean, for sure! It feels "fleshy good" to be stubborn, but doesn't accomplish anything. Thank you for your comment, Sherry!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Mary--it's not "can't" to the Lord's urging, it's "won't". (Wow, "can't" suddenly sounds whiny in my head!) I just need to get stubborn in the right direction.

    Maureen Puccini

    1. Thank you for commenting, Maureen! I like that "stubborn in the right direction" - I could use some of that myself :-).


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