Mar 8, 2014

It's Not About Me

It’s about Jesus, of course! I know this, I understand this, and I believe this.


Sometimes I lose sight of this truth. I need a reminder.

I received one today in a timely message about God’s holiness, taken from Psalm 51. As I read it, I felt a physical release of a burden I didn’t know I’d been carrying. I realized that once again, I’d fallen back into my old ways of trying to do and say all the right things, in the right way, in the right timing. Once again, I’d made everything about *me* - how people respond to what I say, what people think about my writing, how everyone feels about *me*.

But it’s not about me, it’s about Jesus. 

I knew that, but I had stopped living it. Once again, I needed a reminder of this truth to set me free.

When I received it, I felt hardness and struggle melt away into peace. And my blood pressure dropped to the lowest it’s been in weeks. Yes, I measured it - I experienced a physical change, not just a spiritual peace. Amazing!

Excited about this awesome revelation, I went downstairs to see Don before he left for work. I wanted to share, and maybe he’d get a revelation too. I told him about my once again new-found freedom from always having to say and do the right thing, and how it’s not about me getting it right.

His response: “What’s wrong with trying to say the right thing?” 

What? Obviously, he didn’t understand.

“No, you don’t get it, it’s about Jesus. I don’t always have to say everything right and do everything right. It’s not about me.”

“But shouldn’t we be trying to do the right thing?”

Nope, he still didn’t understand. Frustration growing, I tried again.

“If I focus on God and He changes my heart, I’ll be doing and saying more of the right things. I need to stop being concerned about always getting things right.”

“Why wouldn’t you be concerned about that? Aren’t we supposed to care about saying and doing the right things?”

After a bit more dialogue, I realized the disconnect.

“OK, I think I’m using the wrong word here. I don’t mean right, I mean perfect.

“Ah, OK, now I get it.”

He understood.

Not only that, he put his finger right on what I needed to admit: I had resurrected “Mary, the Perfect Christian”. I wasn’t just trying to do and say the right things, I was trying to do and say everything perfectly so that everyone, God included, would accept and be proud of me. Perfection was my goal, and I could not settle for anything less in all that I did.

I made it all about my perfection instead of resting in the perfect love of Jesus.

I don’t have to earn God's love or prove myself worthy to receive it. He perfectly loves me every moment, every day, just as I am. 

So how do I just be me and live my best for Jesus?

By letting go of…
  • trying to measure up to what I think others expect and need 
  • trying to say all the right words in all situations 
  • trying to avoid making mistakes and blunders (it’s a given, I will make them!) 
  • trying to gain the approval of others

…and taking hold of
  • Jesus: His truth, His love, and His acceptance of me...just as I am.

Yes, it’s that simple. We make it complicated.

“Cease striving, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  (Psalm 46:10, NASB)

When we let go of trying to live perfect lives and fully immerse ourselves in His perfect love for us, and learn to obey Him and love others with the love we receive from Him, we live our best for Jesus.
And God will indeed be exalted and make Himself known...through us.

Today's Challenge: Where are you striving instead of resting? Please share how God spoke to you through this message.


  1. Oh, Mary, I SO needed this today! I've been struggling for two hours on the same paragraph. As I read through my multiple versions, I realized that God had given me the right words on the first try! Here I am, trying to improve on God!!

    1. LOL....I needed *your* comments today, Sherry! I handwrote something in 15 minutes that was written better than something I type and work on for an hour or more. The perspective of "trying to improve on God" is what I need to keep in mind. Thank you!!! Write from the heart!


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