May 22, 2013

Thank you for the rain!

Today was just another ordinary day at the writer's conference ... I had my plan and God had His.
Based on input from a friend on something I should write, I was headed to a class on "Writing Non-fiction for Children".  I really didn't want to go - nothing wrong with the class, just not "me".  But I thought, well, maybe if I went it would spark something inside me.  Maybe I'd discover this really is what I want to do.

Then it rained.

Not just a few drops or a light, peaceful rain, but a torrential downpour complete with thunder and lightning.  As I stood in building 1 trying to figure out how to get to building 2 without getting soaked, I decided to check out the class list for where I was standing.

Best decision I made today!

A few steps down the hall, I found a class titled "Finding Your Voice as a Writer", taught by a most excellent teacher.  The Lord used her words to (1) confirm what I already knew to do (but was not doing faithfully), (2) affirm who I was as a writer and that I did have my voice, and (3) teach me new habits that will add much value to my writing.

Lord, again, thank you for the rain!

Today's Challenge:  Are you frustrated by something in your life that seems to be a road block?  Is it possible God has a different plan in that area and you can't yet see it?

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