May 16, 2013


Welcome to the blog for Life is Not a Formula...but it IS the sum of our choices!

The Lord gave me that name in the midst of worship at a writer's conference 5 years ago, and along with that the over-arching theme for how to live my life:  in joyful, trusting, day-at-a-time obedience - free from the burden of trying to figure everything out.  That is one of the most difficult concepts for my analytical mind to release - I want to make what works repeatable and thereby try to control my success and limit my mistakes.  Conversely, the Lord knows we have no idea what is really best in any situation, and that apart from Him we can do nothing.

Is it always fun or easy to obey and follow?  


Does it sometimes require flat out obedience in the midst of trials or grief?


And sometimes, for me, obedience is more of "OK, I'll do it, but I'm not gonna like it"....after throwing a 2-year-old stomp-your-feet tantrum.  And I've failed many times over, missed opportunities, and sometimes even went my own way for whatever reason - imagine that!  

But He has always been faithful to embrace my return to Him, and to continue to love and bless me right where I am.

For many years I have been writing about my life with the Lord - all the amazing things He has shown me, how He has healed me, and how He has given me words to minister to others even in the midst of my own mess.  He has worked His character in me along the way and transformed me from the inside out.  

My prayer is that my sharing will encourage you that if I can, so can you - with Jesus, all things are possible!



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