Feb 17, 2015

MultiColor Monday: Myra Smith

This week I continue on with thanksgiving for one of my first spiritual mentors: Myra Smith. Myra serves the Lord in Guatemala - see her ministry website at MCYEP.org.

I met Myra at Immanuel's Church  when she taught a class for new believers. Here is an excerpt about Myra from my book, Intentional Fitness:

"God knows how to provide what we need instead of what we think we want. By then I was actively looking for someone who could answer all my questions so I could take a leap of faith with 100% certainty. Instead, He sent another strong and loving believer to me who absolutely refused to engage in any debates of any kind. At the time, she taught a class for new believers at my church. By God’s divine design, I was the only one in the class so I had her undivided attention. I kept challenging her with question after question about Jesus and about Paul’s letters. Her repeated, simple response (are you seeing a theme here?) was, “All God wants you to do is love Him and let Him love you.” She said this to me over, and over, and over again.
    At that time I thought Jesus was an arrogant snob. He asserted that He was the way, He was the truth, and He was the only one. Who did He think He was, this Jesus? And Paul’s letters had so many stern “do” and “do not” commands. All I understood was the Bible putting impossible behavior goals in front of me, as dictated by this pompous Jesus and this hard-lined Paul. Then I had these women in my life who refused to defend Him or argue about His words; instead they peacefully and fully radiated His love to me."

Myra was one of those women. Myra exuded the peace of Jesus, and His joy in the midst of whatever was going on in her life (she still does!) The mentoring didn't stop with the class - we became friends despite all my rough edges. Myra literally loved me to Jesus. She continued to mentor me in my faith through our friendship - she openly shared her life, thoughts, struggles, and victories. She was there for me, and prayed for me.

A few years later, Myra answered the Lord's call to full time missions work. Read about her call and response on her "About Myra" page. 

My prayer for Myra:

May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands. Thank you, Jesus, for all those who know you because of Myra's faithfulness. May He answer your long-time prayer (you know which one) to give you the desires of your heart. May you know His pleasure in every facet of your life. And may you always walk in His strength to finish well.

Everyone needs a Myra in their life. I'm beyond blessed and thankful for mine.

Love you, Myra! 

Question to Ponder: Have you thanked the Myra(s) in your life? Why wait? Send that note, make that call.

Also, if you're looking for a missions-based ministry to support, or if you need somewhere to go for a short-term missions trip, check out MCYEP

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