Feb 6, 2015

Fitness Friday: Self-Care Part 4, Making Progress

I did it. I finally took my first step.

I joined a Crossfit gym. 

Best decision I've made recently. Let me back up for a minute.

Last October, I posted a series on Self-Care (here's Part 3). I promised an update "the next month" after I started exercising, but one thing led to another, and another, then the holidays...you know how that goes.

OK, let me be honest. I didn't post because I hadn't yet started any type of regular exercise so I had nothing to report. I bet most of you know how that goes too.

Then I received unexpected motivation. 

A few years ago, I read about an exercise regimen called Crossfit in a book titled Training for Something Greater. I'd been thinking about it on and off since then, and checked into gyms when we moved to Virginia. But I felt way too intimated to join. 

Then I read a blog post by someone who was doing Crossfit. The theme of her post was coming in last - no matter how hard she tried, she always came in last. (For those of you not familiar with Crossfit, you post your times and reps on an electronic board, then your scores are compared to others at your gym.)

But she didn't quit. 

She realized that even if she always came in last, the results spoke for themselves: smaller clothes, more energy, weight loss. 

The score is not important, results are what matters.

Encouraged, I decided to try it last month. The owners of Crossfit Warrenton, Justin and Crystal, are the primary trainers for the new people. They care. They want you to be successful, so they tailor the workouts to your ability until you gain strength and flexibility. All the people at the gym are supportive and encouraging - they've all been where I am.

It was nothing like I thought it would be. 

Yesterday was the end of my 4th week. (Yes, I had to wait and post until I knew I was past the quitting point!) It's my type of exercise: I show up, and someone tells me what to do. The exercises are challenging, fun, and full of variety. I can already see improvement in my strength, posture, and a little in my flexibility. I look forward to going, and I enjoy the people I've met. I work hard, and feel good doing it. 

Yes, I come in last most of the time. No one else cares, no one else compares. 

So why should I?

Wherever you are in your exercise routine, I encourage you to consider Crossfit, or anything else you may have been too intimidated to try. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy the process...and the results!

One thing's for sure: you'll never know unless you try. 

I'm sure glad I did!

QUESTION TO PONDER: What are you intimated about trying? Be encouraged, and take that first step!

NOTE: If anyone read the blog I mentioned about coming in last, please share the link. I'd love to reference it but I can't find it.

Also, like other franchised-type places, not all Crossfit gyms are the same. Be sure to visit the gym and talk to the owners before joining.

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