Jan 27, 2015

I Love You, Jesus

For the past few weeks, I’ve been participating on a prayer conference call held by Jennifer LeClaire. Yesterday morning, the prayer focus was rejoicing in God.

During the prayer, Jennifer asked us to tell God we loved Him, out loud. I’ve prayed that many times before, but could not remember the last time I said it out loud…if ever.

“I love you, God.”

Oh no, do I really love you? I mess up, I sin, I disobey. How can I say I love you?

“I love you, Jesus.”

Can you really love me, too? I am so unworthy.

“I love you, Holy Spirit.”

I know you love me. The Bible says it, and I believe it. And I love you too; I gave my life to you.

Yet I struggle with declaring my love, out loud, with the simple words, “I love you.” Each time I do, my heart hurts and I cry. I can’t put into words why, or describe what I sense is happening in the spiritual realm. 

But with each declaration, I know I am being changed.

It’s like the truth of our relationship is making its way from my head to my heart.

I am humbled.

I am softened.

I am profoundly thankful.

Lord, I will continue to declare my love for you. Please keep changing my heart.

Question to Ponder: When is the last time you told God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit you loved them, out loud?

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