Mar 31, 2020


When something happens that is just what we need, how often do we say, "Somehow that all came together?" We shake our heads in wonder at how that happened.

I had one of those moments a few days ago. My phone, plugged in next to the computer, rang only one time. "Somehow" I happened to be sitting there and saw my friend Robin's name flash up. Before I could answer, the phone stopped ringing.

Hmmmm, wonder if something happened to disconnect the call. I'll call her back.

Turns out Robin dialed me by mistake, then hung up when she realized it. She was trying to text someone else and her phone "somehow" dialed my number.

We talked for 20-30 minutes, and at the end of the conversation we felt so much better. We had both been pondering sad and frustrating things, never thought to pick up the phone. 

But God.

He knew. "Somehow" He connected us when neither of us had even an inkling to reach out. He knew we needed encouragement from each other, and He provided.

Next time you think, "wow, somehow this happened," and it was just what you needed, look up to your Creator and thank Him!

...for your Father knows what you need 
before you ask Him.   
(Matthew 6:8b)


  1. I love how God puts those special moments in everyday life.

  2. I love those moments! Blessings to you Friend!


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