Dec 21, 2015

Miracles All Around Us

As the year draws to a close, I’ve been pondering some of the miracles God did for me this past year, big and small. Here is a sample...

  • I took my watch to a small shop at the local flea market for a battery. The wait was 40 minutes so I continued shopping. Three hours later I was at the mall, too late to go back to the flea market and get my watch. When I went back the next day, I walked by a shop that sold a unique item that was perfect for the one person I had left on my list. Had I not needed to go back… 
  • I “happened” to be unable to find a job in Virginia after six months of looking. A manager at NCDOT “happened” to call me even though I had moved, and asked me to come back to finish a project. The vendor who “happened” to be hired to do the work for that project is based in Richmond. It may be that they “happen” to need someone with my skillset next year. Had I not taken that job… 
  • I have been struggling to understand why something occurred in an area of my life…more specifically, why someone did what they did. A while back I crossed paths and became friends with someone in one of my online communities who had a similar experience. Her support and encouragement has been key to me overcoming in that area of my life, and knowing I’m not alone. Had I never joined that community… 
  • My dad fell down the garage steps and broke his collarbone. The way he landed it’s a miracle he didn’t break his neck.

Many people would only classify the last one on the list as a miracle. And yet those other items, and many more like them, are just as miraculous. This may not be theologically correct, but...

For me, a miracle happens every time the Divine intersects with the natural – every time Jesus is present in our world.

Yes, that’s right – all the time! Our lives are full of miracles. Sadly, we often only see them in hindsight, if at all…”Ah, THAT’S why that happened!”…or, “That was YOU, God!”

Lord, forgive me for not noticing You as you intersect with my life to protect, provide for, comfort, and delight me with the little things You know will make me smile. Help me to look for and appreciate You in all things, every moment of every day.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a blessed and peaceful holiday season!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Mary. Sometimes our greatest blessing is the Holy Spirit opening our eyes to his work in the smallest circumstances of our lives. Merry Christmas.

    1. Yes, and if you think about relationships, the little things that people do for you that just hit the mark is what creates intimacy. And that's what God wants with all of us: an intimate, close, and exciting relationship.
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, the little things are so important, and that's in our human relationships too. It's what really creates intimacy, someone doing something that blesses you shows how well they know you.
    Thanks for sharing!


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