Nov 28, 2014

The Brokenhearted Seat

Last Sunday, I went to church early to pray over the seats. I walked each row, touching each chair and praying in the Spirit. In the past, the Lord sometimes gave me specific things to pray over different seats, but this Sunday I just prayed general prayers as I walked.

Except for one seat – the one on the end of the back row that I prayed for first. When I touched that seat, I felt heartache and pain. I cried for the brokenhearted person who would occupy that chair.

After praying for all the others, I went back to that first seat, sat down, and prayed and cried. I felt loneliness and heartache, and again wondered who would sit there.

I went back to my seat in the middle, and watched the rest of worship team rehearsal. Then I wandered back to that first seat.

You sit here.

What? Me? There was no mistaking the Lord’s still, small voice. But why me? I’m not heartbroken. OK, maybe I needed to sit there to pray for all the people – I could easily see everyone from that spot. Maybe many would come in with broken hearts, feeling lonely.

No, this seat is for you.

As only the Lord can do, He showed me (1) He knew where I was, and (2) I was indeed feeling broken hearted and lonely. I didn’t know why, but I knew it was true.

So I sat there during both services, and continued to feel the pain. At the end of the second service, I raised my hand when the Pastor made his call to those who needed prayer. A beautiful woman prayed exactly what I needed, straight from the Father’s heart.

Over the next day or so, I continued to feel broken hearted, and pondered why. The first thing that came up was the baby thing – Don and I don’t have children. I lost sleep Sunday night, waking up off and on with strange thoughts and dreams. Lord, how can this be it? I’ve dealt with this, and cried, and prayed, and accepted. Why does it keep coming up?

Puzzled, I prayed in the Spirit and kept asking God how to get past this. God answered. Seems the enemy spoke lies to me about why I felt sad – he led me to an old, familiar place I had indeed left behind, and deceived me into thinking I needed to go back there yet again.

But no, the Lord showed me my prayers and tears were not for me. He gave me a burden of intercession for a dear friend who received a very hurtful message on Sunday afternoon. Wow. Before she even received the message, the Lord had me (and the woman who prayed for me) praying for her!

Encouraged, and still sad for my friend, I continued to pray. I welcomed the pain, the heartache, and all the feelings, knowing the Lord was using this in my friend’s life to ease her burden.

I don’t fully understand intercession, and probably never will. Sometimes when I hurt and pray, I don’t even know who it’s for. But I’ve learned to recognize and trust my Lord’s voice, and I appreciate His trust in me to allow me the privilege of interceding for those in need.

Thank you, Jesus, for placing me in the brokenhearted seat.

Thank you for answering my prayer, and for showing me the enemy’s lies. 

Thank you for the gift of intercession. Help me to recognize it more quickly, and to respond faithfully.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Do you sometimes find yourself feeling sad for no reason? Next time, ask the Lord if He wants you to pray for someone in need. 


  1. Thanks for this, Mary. Isn't it true that often when we pray for others, we are also praying for ourselves. I could easily have been the one praying AND the one sitting down :)

    1. Yes and amen to that, Jeanne! Sunday, I was both :-). Thank you for your comment!


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