Aug 6, 2014

Lessons from a Car Theft, Part 2

It's been almost a month since my car break-in (see Part 1), and I'm finally writing part 2. I could say I intentionally waited a while to allow the Lord a chance to work. Truth is, I'm a top-notch procrastinator and just didn't get to it until today.

I learned a few extremely helpful things about driving with plastic on the passenger window of my car.

  • Plastic is extremely loud. Driving for 3-1/2 hours that way borders on driving one to insanity.
  • Duct tape on vinyl interior in the summer is not a good idea. The tape residue still lingers after using several products that "guaranteed" to remove it from just about any surface. At least we decided against taping it to the outside.
  • Saran wrap doesn't stay in place, even with aforementioned duct tape. 
  • If you must use Saran wrap, wrap it horizontally instead of vertically.
Seriously, I also have many blessings to thank God for in the midst of this trial.
  • My friend Freda.
    • She made sure I had cash for the ride home in case I needed it.
    • She didn't get upset with me for not going back or blame me for what happened...even though she could have.
    • We laughed and kept our peace through the ordeal, even though we both felt like crying.
  • We thought to take our cell phones with us.
  • People are more important than anything we lost. In praying for the thiefs, my heart softened toward them and I've been able to forgive.
  • I had gospel tracts in my purse. Maybe, just maybe, seeds were planted into those who stole them.
  • I am much more careful with my purse overall, and with what I leave in my car.
  • What I lost is nothing compared to what I still have...and that's a lengthy list!
The most amazing thing: I can honestly say I never once got angry or upset at the thiefs, or at God for allowing it to happen even after I prayed. In fact, He whispered this to my heart a few weeks after it happened:

"Yes, I could have stopped it your way by answering your prayer. My way was to nudge you to go back, more than once. You chose to ignore My voice."

I didn't need to understand why He said to go back, I just needed to obey. I didn't. So I suffered the consequences. In His grace and mercy, He allowed them.

Next time I'll do better. Thank God, there is always a next time!

TODAY'S CHALLENGE: What consequences have you suffered for disobedience? What did you learn for "next time"?

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