Jul 8, 2014


I wrote this on June 24, 1991. I didn't yet know Jesus, but He was pursuing me. Felt I should share it today. I did not edit, this is the original version.

The right place,
    the right time,
        the right person.

How does it happen?
      And right when we're least expecting
               most ready.

There's so much to learn, 
so much room to grow.


It never ends.

The joy of surviving growth pains and arriving on the other side of a lesson learned.

To question "why" is good...
although the answers we seek are not always there.

Isn’t it truly amazing how well things click together
we only take the time to let them work…

He is always there, and always shows us the way.
we only have faith and trust and love.

          is there such a thing?

is it a perception we use to explain that which cannot be explained?

Good luck,
bad luck,
down on one’s luck,
lucky in love, etc.

Yes, some are more fortunate than others on the surface.
do they truly know how to appreciate what they have?

For it is faith and love that provide the patience, wisdom, and courage to grow and learn and truly participate in life.

Without them, all the “luck” in the world will not change a thing.

TODAY'S CHALLENGE: For what are you most thankful? Take a few moments to ponder how God has blessed you. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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