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Please contact me at MaryGScro (at) gmail(dot)com if you'd like me to speak at your retreat, lunch, seminar, or other event. I'm always excited and ready to share what God is teaching me. Here are my current speaking topics:

Intentional Fitness
Mary uses physical fitness analogies to teach spiritual principles, drawing from her book of the same name. She discusses how we can progress from the world’s ways to God’s ways so our faith is strengthened, and others can see Jesus in us.

Aiding and Abetting
Do you find yourself struggling with wrong thoughts and condemnation? Mary shares principles she’s learned about how to fight the right enemy, thereby walking in increasing freedom and victory in everyday life.

Can You Hear Me Now?
God is speaking all the time, but we don’t always hear Him. Mary shares ways to hear God more clearly for yourself, your family, your church, and the world.

Are You Willing?
Mary shares parts of her testimony to show how God did amazing things in her life when she was willing to let Him. This teaching can be customized based on the event.
For an example of my speaking, please check out the following short videos:

What Is Written on Your Face?    Promo Video

Don’t see exactly what you need?  Contact me for a customized presentation!

If you've heard me speak, please feel free to comment below on how the Lord blessed you through my presentation.

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